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I am proud to have my work included in a new and exciting art gallery, in my home town, of Springfield Ohio.

The Hub Gallery is at 32 North Fountain Street in Springfield, Ohio.

I also have a growing selection of my wares on Etsy.
And don't forget to follow me on Facebook.

Please feel free to email me directly, as I am happy to send photos of any current available artwork. I also do custom work.

Read the latest coverage of Hail Mary by Urban Art Network and OregonLive.com

I created a series of Giant Rosaries that were exhibited at Guardino Gallery in January of 2015. This is a ongoing body of work.

GMax is a recent portrait commission. A detail is shown here.

Where you can see my work:
> Fire on The Mountain -- NE 57th and Fremont, Portland, Oregon
> Catamount Film and Arts Center -- St. Johnsbury, VT
> prAna Store -- NW 23rd and Irving, Portland, Oregon
> Fire on the Mountain -- NE Fremont and 57th, Portland, Oregon
> McMenamins Sand Trap -- Gearhart, Oregon on the Oregon Coast
> McMenamins Kennedy School -- Portland, Oregon
> Dots Restaurant -- SE Clinton and 26th, Portland, Oregon
> Pizza A Go Go -- NE Williams at Cook, Portland, Oregon
> Interstate Light Rail Line -- Kenton Station Train Platforms, Portland, Oregon
> Tumbleweeds -- NE Alberta and 18th, Portland, Oregon
> Barrio Star Restaurant -- San Diego, California
> Compass Rose -- Olympia, Washington
> Fire on The Mountain -- Denver, Colorado
> Collective Awakenings -- Portland, Oregon

Hail Mary is still offering mosaic classes
when time allows...

Participants will create a mosaic learning multiple skills that are involved with this art form. i.e. tile and glass cutting, laying out a mosaic, using different adhesives, grouting.

I will provide a choice of projects to work on. Since it is a short amount of time to work, the choices are things that can be finished in a 3 hour time frame. Examples include...picture frame, flower pot, a mosaic picture, or something that you might want to bring in yourself. (Maybe check ahead of time with me, to make sure it's do-able.)
Email me for more information.