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Where to see my work

  • Fire on The Mountain -- NE 57th Ave and Fremont St, Portland, OR
  • Fire on The Mountain -- N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR
  • Fire on The Mountain -- Denver, CO
  • Catamount Film and Arts Center -- St. Johnsbury, VT
  • prAna Store -- NW 23rd Ave and Irving St, Portland, OR
  • McMenamins Sand Trap -- Gearhart, OR
  • McMenamins Kennedy School -- NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR
  • McMenamins St Francis School, "Mary Tapogna Room' --Bend, OR
  • Dots Restaurant -- SE Clinton St and 26th Ave, Portland, OR
  • Maryville Nursing Home -- SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton, OR
  • Pizza A Go Go -- NE Williams Ave, Portland, OR
  • Interstate Light Rail Line -- Kenton Station Platforms, Portland, OR
  • Tumbleweed -- NE Alberta St and 18th Ave, Portland, OR
  • Barrio Star Restaurant -- San Diego, CA
  • Compass Rose -- Olympia, WA
  • Collective Awakenings -- NE 28th Ave and Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR


Various work on this website is priced as listed. Some categories (lamps and crosses) reference past work. If you would like to see more selection and prices of my current inventory, please feel free to inquire. I welcome commission projects. The SHOP category on this site features current wares listed in my etsy shop.



All of the images on this website are not to be reproduced, published, and/or electronically stored without permission by the artist, Mary Tapogna. All of the work on this website is copyright Mary Tapogna.

At this time, I accept checks, credit cards and just plain cash. Shipping is extra, and will vary from piece to piece, depending on size, weight, and shipping destination. Insurance is extra.


Artist Biography

Born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, I am the 8th of 9 siblings. I attended art school at The University of Cincinnati (graphic design), and graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Upon moving to Portland, Oregon, in 1990, I worked as a freelance photographer, mainly for The Oregonian Newspaper. Coming directly from art school, working as a photojournalist was educational and enlightening. I gradually began to dabble with the mosaic art medium. I was soon having exhibits, and undertaking large and small scale commission projects.

This led to the opening of the brick and mortar, Hail Mary. A storefront/gallery/studio, Hail Mary was an arts and community fixture in Portland for 12 years. Community and my personal projects were born and executed there. Locals and travelers, from far and wide, deemed it a very special destination.

My mosaic work covers a range of sometimes religious and secular portraits, crosses, rosaries, tables, lamps, etc. The portraits are fabricated using various accumulated materials, images, and layering. Working mostly from my photographic images and drawings, the portraits are made from found and recycled materials gathered from my everyday surroundings.

The work can take weeks to months to complete, depending upon size and challenge of the project. Traditional mosaics that utilize many tiny pieces of glass and tile are inspirational to me. I honor the traditional art form by striving for the same tedious intricacy, while incorporating contemporary unorthodox materials, and subject matter.

My work is popping up around the globe in many public and private collections and spaces. Hail Mary Studio is currently accessible 'By Appointment' and online.

- Mary Tapogna