Dan Ennis Tribute Public Art

In the year of 2018, I took on a mosaic project that would honor, the late great neighborhood artist, Dan Ennis. He was a beloved being in the Cully, Beaumont, and Alberta arts neighborhoods, as well as the Oregon coast. With the help of many volunteers, and a Dan Ennis memorial ‘go fund me’ campaign, a beautiful sun face mosaic was created and installed in the Beaumont neighborhood. The piece is 5 feet square, and is directly derived from one of Dan’s drawings. His actual clay faces, suns, and moons are included in the finished piece. It’s a “must see” at NE Fremont and 43rd.


Hail Mary Spotlight Business at Umpqua Bank

Hail Mary is the Spotlight Featured Business in the lobby of Umpqua Bank on NE Fremont and 44th in NE Portland. 

It began at the very beginning of 2017, and will run thru the end of March. You can buy wares directly. It's a lovely set up.

I have been making new things for this opportunity!